Monday, September 13, 2004

RE: The media plays up Bush tear down Kerry

I watch the cable news channels I can't believe how they play up Bush ....It all the BS and the spin that the Bushie put out to convince us that he should be reelected. They tear Kerry apart because he actually thinking about different ways the achieve solutions. People, Bush can reappoint probably half the Supreme Courtif reelected. If your gay or know somebody that is gay then guess what hell will be starting come 11/2 if he is reelected. If your transperson watch out. I don't know I'm not scare yet. The debates will tell the tale. Kerry better be up for it. They betetr be able get to Bush to show somebody should can mess with that cowboy from Texas. Georgie is nothing more than silver spoon kid. He never had to worry about anything in life other than screwing up.
As sit here and type I really writing more like some macho dude then what I like to portray myself as a translesbian. I guess I'm more in my butch mode than femme mode. Hell I'm just one person that is mad at the media and Chris Matthews. Sorry Chris ....I won't mention Fox News they are totally right wing bulls..t artist.

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