Sunday, June 12, 2005

RE: New set of 21 questions

1. Do wonder what the world be like in 20 years? 2. Will you be able to retire like you thought you would? 3. Do you drive a domestic or forgein brand transportion? 4. When you buy something do look to see where it is made? 5. Do have health insurance? 6. Do you pay for it?7. Did you attend any pride events this month? 8. Do watch Meet the Press or This Week on ABC, Face the Nation(CBS) or Fox News Sunday? 9. Do enjoy shopping online? 10. Do you consider yourself a lesbian? 11. When you do have sex do you think of yourself in female or male role? 12. Have you seen new Star Wars or the Longest Yard yet? 13. Will you go to see a concert outdoors this summer? 14. If the election were held today Bush or Kerry? 15. Will the Democracts get the senate or congress back in 2006? 16. What was your favorite cartoon when grew up? 17. Who is your transgender hero?18. Your popcron butter or nonbutter? 19. What is your favorite show on TV after 8 at night that is on now? 20. If you could start a new career what would you go into? 21. Your favorite shoes?

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