Thursday, June 02, 2005

RE: hero or traitor ? Hero in my book

Here a couple new questions? Do you veiw Deep Throat as hero or as a traitor?That man had a moral compass ...which nobody it seems in goverment has today. I remember when I first started college back in the fall of 72.I took a political science course and the professor said does anybody know the names of Hadleman and Ericlhman. This was before Watergate it hit the papers and network news. This was before cable,talk radio, internet sites. I remember like it was yesterday he said "these guys are the most powerful guys in Washington DC" He was right. It really scare you how many people don't know who Karl Rove is. Do you think the Right Wing owns the mass media? After watching the cable new channels last night. It was like what Nixon did was a-ok with these guys. The started trashing this guy.Made him out to be a snitch. The man had moral compass. If we reallyknow the truth it would scare the hell out of us. Give people the spin and they will believe it. Yes, I believe the big media companies are leaning to the right. At this time in history. Sorry.

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