Monday, May 30, 2005

new set of 21 question for the hell of it!!!

1. First concert you ever went to and who did you see and where at?
2. First record album you own?
3. First time you ever got high and how old where you?
4. First time you ever made love?
5. Have you had a gay affair?
6. Who did you vote for in your first presitdental election?
7. First car you ever own?
8. First legal drink you ever had and what kind was it?
9. All-time favorite baseball player?
10. What your favorite place to eat outdoors in the summer?
12. How old were you when you made love for the first time?
13. How old were you when put on woman panties for the first time?
14. Ever see Bob Seger in concert?
15. What your favorite coney island?
16. Favorite tooth paste?
17. Favorite Sunday morning routine?
18. Favorite postion in sex?
19. Favorite radio station ?
20. Leather or cloth for a sofa?
21. What do like breasts or legs on woman?

I hope you enjoy answering these questions their all off the wall. Peace!!


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