Thursday, April 28, 2005

RE: There has to be one bad apple in the crowd

Ann Coulter: Most likely Not a Man
Probably the most persistent attacks aimed at Ann Coulter by her political opponents have contended that she is a post operative transexual who was born as a man. I intend in this piece to show that this contention is not supported by any firm evidence.Here is an example of the attack from Liberal Site DailyKos:there is a persistent rumor that Ms. Ann Coulter is a male drag queen or male to female transsexual. IMHO, the reason for the rumor is in the relatively rare pictures when one can see her neck at any level of detail, there is something on her neck that has a very suspicious resemblance to an Adam's apple. I have seen such pictures myself. I've heard that there are other things about her physical appearance that aren't quite consistent with that of a normal biological female.Also from DailyKos:I will always refer to her as "Ann-drew" or "Ann the Man," until someone convinces me that he/she is indeed a female who just happens to look like a skinny guy with a big Adam's Apple.

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