Friday, December 02, 2005

RE: Ann Coulter....she just a plain bitch

Ann Coulter's penis, not that she has one, but I've never seen evidence to the contrary by John in DC - 12/01/2005 07:46:00 PM
You may not have noticed, because I try not to give the skank much attention, but Ann Coulter's latest hate-filled diatribe included the insinuation that Cong. John Murtha may not have really earn the Purple Hearts he received in Vietnam. Gosh, sound familiar?Here we have Ann attacking John Murtha while defending Oliver North:
And unlike Murtha, who refuses to release his medical records showing he was entitled to his two Purple Hearts, we know what North did. (These Democrat military veterans are hardly shrinking violets when it comes to citing their medals, but they get awfully squeamish when pressed for details.) Of course, I've never seen any medical records proving that Ann eats or doesn't have a penis (not that there's anything wrong with being anorexic or hermaphroditic, nor that I'm insuinating Ann is either of those, I'm just saying I've never seen any medical records.)There's reason to believe the McCarthyite Wing of the Republican party may kick off a larger campaign in a few days to Swift Boat Murtha. If that happens, I think we need to go nuclear in response. Teach the Coulters and all the rest that the real world of politics is a lot more brutal than a glass of Slim-Fast. If they want to play dirty, then someone needs to slam them down, hard enough, so that it never happens again.Stay tuned.


heroine films said...

Ann Coulter! grrrrr the name makes me quiver with anger...this cracked me up!

Just wanted to say hey and we appreciate your blog!

xoxo M & the gals at HF

coy said...

Thanks....for the comment on AC she is really the biggest bitch in the world. She always right if so wrong. Like your web site.

Devin Kay said...

Ya know, I don't like Ann Coulter. She's just another hatemonger like Limbaugh and O'Reilly, insults to humanity one and all. If she never saw another day on TV or radio it wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit.

What really sticks in my craw, though, is the way so many of her detractors have been seeking to insult her by pointing out her Adam's apple or questioning whether she has a penis, and everybody thinks that's just so funny. Why?

Why is it considered insulting and funny to insinuate that someone's transsexual? What's the difference between that and calling someone a nigger or a crip or a feeb, or anorexic for that matter?

If you ask me, the people who do this are no better than she is -- small-minded, self-absorbed, inconsiderate, unempathetic bigots.

Apparently the only difference between the bad guys and the good guys these days is that the bad guys hate everybody while the good guys just hate some.

No wonder the fascist fundamentalists are taking over the country.

DeniseUMLaw said...

It so annoys me when people attack AC on the basis of being transgendered. Even if it were true, it shouldn't be an attack. I blogged about it sometime ago (, and I just read a great blogpost about it somewhere else and I'll be damned but I can't find it now.

Hope you're well, Coy! :)

Anonymous said...

Ann's a man! Ann has a penis!

It's halarious to see the feminized liberal males with no testicles figure Ann must be a man because they are such spineless cowards! It only further proves my theory that leftism is feminine. It is irrational, deceptive, manipulative, yet alluring.